The Lost Ways- A Review


We live in a world of uncertainty wherein anything can happen to us at any point of time. Thanks to the economic growth and a better understanding of the community, we have not experienced any major wars and not faced any seen any major catastrophe as in the past. According to everything around us like electricity, health care, are taken for granted. Just, imagine our life wherein all these comforts we have today, are taken away from us! Will we survive when such things happen to us now? The real fact as per is, none of us are not trained to go through a global catastrophe. We need to accept this truth and it is the right time to prepare our mind and acquiring some knowledge to counter such possible situations.
On a hypothetical note, just imagine our life on this planet if World War III erupts for some reasons. Though the chances are very minute, at least let us have some knowledge on how to prepare ourselves when such crisis sets it in our life.

Let us be optimistic in welcoming the term “PREPAREDNESS” to counter all types of disasters that can pop up in our life. The man has invented the airplane, but his attitude of preparedness had made him invent the parachute. Do you agree now to be proactive? This article is all about the book The Lost Ways by Claude Davis.

About Claude Davis
Being an excellent survival expert Claude Davis has a rich experience over three decades. He owns a popular survival website by name He has lots of concern about how the modern society has deviated in many ways from our ancestors of the past. Hence he is trying to bring lots of resources that will but the present community back on track. No doubt, it is a Herculean task for most of us. However, Claude is very optimistic in bringing back the good old and forgotten survival skills through his book “The Lost Ways”.

The Lost Ways- A Unique Book And Course
In spite of several developments, we the people on this planet Earth are still not ready to handle major catastrophes, both physically as well as mentally. Is it not important to yourself and family when such situations arise? There are innumerable books available in the market that offer various tips. Some are good, while many are bad but intended for commercial benefits. Among so many publications ‘The Lost ways” from Claude Davis stands out from the crowd in many ways.

As we all know, our ancestors did not have the comforts what we are enjoying today. This is the main problem with us, as we have become addicted to our comforts and thereby fallen victims to several modern inventions like television, the car, Internet, and mobile phones and many more. Everyone has gotten too used to the comforts of everyday life with the help of technology and advancement. Remember, our ancestors lived happily without these comforts what we have now. Here, we are not blaming the new innovations and developments. We simply blame of becoming addicts to these physical comforts. Remember, every comfort has a price for it in terms of reducing our wellness, happiness and smartness. And this is what the course “The Lost ways” is trying to educate us. Tons of valuable tips are shared in this course right from baking bread to constructing a shelter.